1/2 Days Topics for Grades 3-5

The following are 1/2 Day topics and can be combined for a full day!

Reading Nonfiction and Meeting Common Core State Standards

Incorporating the common core state standards into your classroom does not have to be a daunting task. Discover how to utilize informational texts to build comprehension skills. Highly practical and fun ways to engage your students with nonfiction reading and meet the new common core state standards at the same time!  Short on resources?  No problem…Judy has ideas for free and innovative informational resources.

Using Guided Reading to Differentiate Small Group Instruction

Includes video
Classroom-proven guided reading ideas for grades 3-5. Discover a wealth of strategies for using guided reading for small group, focused instruction. Support your struggling readers with differentiated interventions and gain ideas for keeping the rest of the class focused and on task while you work with the small guided reading group.