70 Minute Topics K-2

Any of the following can combined for a full day!

Literacy Centers, Organizing for Literacy

Includes video

What can and should your students do while you are working with small groups? Join Judy for a session that is filled with simple, yet meaningful literacy work that will keep your students practicing relevant literacy skills independently and at their level. Beginning of school student training on the procedures is done step by step and will make sense.  Remember, these are easy to implement and won’t take you hours to prepare!

Teaching High Frequency Words with an Interactive Word Wall

Based on my book, Making Word Walls Work, Scholastic
Looking for ways to work your word wall . . . Not just collect words on it?  Want to get your students to read and write high-frequency words? The focus in this session will be on practical word wall routines to teach and review high frequency words that our kindergarten, first and second graders must master for reading and writing.  We will look at the do’s and don’ts of effective word walls and review some jazzy word wall practices that are high-impact and low-prep. Learn a three week system that insures word learning, practice and review in word centers.  Your word wall will be both productive and fun!

Making Words

Based on my book, Easy Lessons for Teaching Word Families, Scholastic (includes video)
Frustrated by the pace and complexity of the traditional “Making Words” lessons?  Discover how “Making Words” can be adapted to fit perfectly with Kindergarteners, first graders and struggling second graders.  Teach the most important word patterns your emergent readers and writers need.  Maximize the use of popular nursery rhymes and poetry to reinforce word family instruction.  When they are ready for more complicated lessons, we’ll look at traditional Making Words and look at full powerful lessons.

Poetry: Using the Poetry You Love for Shared Reading, Small Groups
and Independent Centers

Use the poetry you love to teach systematic phonics to your kindergarten, first and second graders.  See students on video as we narrow our focus over time.  Learn how to take the same poem and use it to teach chunking with the word patterns in your poetry.  Differentiate with small groups and independent centers to meet all your student’s needs.  This is fun and phonics at its best!

Building a Word Solvers Took Kit

Based on my book, Word Learning, Word Making, Word Sorting; 50 Lessons for Success; Scholastic  Includes video Learn the latest research about developmental word learning and get practical, in the trenches strategies to enhance your word learning and reading instruction. Word-learning, word-making word-sorting ideas and materials will make these strategies ready to use with books you already have in your kindergarten, first and second grade classrooms. Judy will bring you into her classroom with videos to show you how it works with real students like yours!

Vocabulary:  Best Practices in Teaching Robust Vocabulary

Join Judy and gain a wealth of ideas that can boost your students’ vocabulary development in K-2 classrooms.  Discover engaging activities that you can implement immediately and your students are sure to enjoy.  Based on the research of Isabel Beck, Judy will show you how to implement interactive, memorable vocabulary lessons with the materials you already use.  Best practices based on solid research = win/win for classroom teachers.

Phonics/Focus/Fun: 4 Interventions from 1 Simple Diagnostic Assessment

Targeted intervention is key for struggling readers in kindergarten, first and second grades. Let’s go beyond the “number” we get when we score diagnostic phonics assessments. Judy will show you focused interventions for (1) Visual confusions, (2) Lack of vowel sounds, (3) Learning/reviewing letter sounds and names, and (4) Reading words with high utility chunk patterns/rimes.  Learn how to create your own easy making words lessons using the 37 most common word patterns---perfect for 5,  6 and 7 year olds.  Link it all to the poetry you already love and your interventions become part of what you’re already doing in your literacy block.  See it all on video with Judy’s students.