70 Minute Topics Grades 3-5

Powerful, New and Robust Vocabulary Ideas to Improve Comprehension

Join Judy and gain a wealth of ideas that can boost your students’ vocabulary development. Discover engaging activities that you can implement immediately and your students are sure to enjoy.  Based on the research of Isabel Beck, Judy will show you how to implement interactive, memorable vocabulary lessons with the materials you already use.

Highly Engaging Word Work Activities to Improve Phonics, Spelling and Reading in Intermediate Grades

Phonics for third, fourth and fifth graders? Who needs it and what does it look like in practical classroom lessons? Quick classroom assessments make it easy to differentiate for those students who need the extra boost. Hands-on activities for decoding, word making and word sorting designed for grades 3-5. Do your intermediate students have trouble reading multisyllabic words?  No longer…Judy will show you Syllasearch that can be used with whatever reading materials you already have.  Enjoy video examples of these techniques in action.

Organizing Reading Groups and Independent Work

Includes video from Daily 5
What is the rest of your class doing while you teach small groups?  Explore with Judy the choices that move your intermediate students from busy work to engagement in meaningful independent literacy work.  Procedures, procedures, procedures!  We’ll do it all to get your students organized and reading and writing independently.

Using the Best of the Best Reading Strategies to Improve Test Scores

We all feel the pressure of high stakes state testing and the increased federal scrutiny that comes with it.  Discover the best, researched-based reading strategies that build successful readers AND improve test scores. Discover fun, engaging ways to keep your kids focused and increase their reading stamina.  Your students will become better comprehenders and test takers when they learn to analyze questions using the QAR model.

Accelerating Your English Learners by Adapting RTI Techniques

Do you have English Language Learners in your classroom that need extra attention? Join Judy as she introduces tiered interventions and how to modify them to better support your English Language Learners. Take away the best ideas for helping to narrow the achievement gap and build literacy proficiency in your classroom.