K-2 Full Day Workshops


Reading and Writing in First Grade

Based on my Scholastic books:

     First Grade in Photographs & Writer’s Workshop in First Grade

From an empty classroom to first graders reading and writing…how does that happen each year? Setting up first grade for reading and writing will be covered in depth.

From First Grade in Photographs:

Setting Up the Classroom Before School Starts

            Room arrangement

            Materials to place on walls and flat surfaces

            Designing Literacy Centers

            Planning the schedule

Preparing Materials for First Grade

            Leveling classroom library books for independent reading

            Preparing leveled books for checkout

            Pricy or Practical? Smart ideas for favorite materials

            Materials we can’t teach without

The First Five Weeks

            Shared reading with big books and poetry

            Word Walls

            Front-loading literacy centers

            Guided Reading and Writer’s Workshop: Getting Started

Throughout the Year in First Grade

            Introducing and maintaining literacy centers

            Shared and Guided Reading

            Continuing with word walls

            Maintaining Writer’s Workshop

From First Grade Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop Basics

            Five Stages of Writing

            Daily Format and Sample Schedule


Writing Workshop Started: Getting Started

            How to Present Mini-Lessons

            The First Five Days of Writing Workshop

            Procedures: The First Six Weeks

            Mini-Lessons: The First Six Weeks

            Conferencing: The First Six Weeks

            Troubleshooting Tips      

Writing Workshop: Keeping It Going

            Recruiting Helpers


            Procedures: Beyond the First Six Weeks

            Mini-Lessons: Beyond the First Six Weeks

            Conferencing: Beyond the First Six Weeks

            Troubleshooting Tips      

Writing Workshop: The Publication Process





Writer's Workshop:  Getting it Started and Keeping it Going While Meeting Common Core.

Full Day Workshop

Based on my book,  Writing Workshop in First Grade,Scholastic  includes video
Kindergarten, First and Second Graders writing every day on topics they choose – How do we get them started and keep them going and meet Common Core State Standards?  We’ll look at the basics, including schedules, materials, and mini-lessons that will support your emergent learners and energize the writing of your more advanced writers.

How to keep it going? Explore a variety of conferencing techniques that you can use immediately to extend and enhance the writing of your kindergarten, first and second graders.  Learn how to use Paired Writing for your most emergent writers as well as how to teach revision and editing through one-on-one conferences.  Explore a variety of publishing and presentation choices that will make bookmaking simple and satisfying.

Differentiated Small Group Instruction with Guided Reading K-2

Includes video

This seminar will focus on linking the classroom-proven methods of guided reading with differentiated instruction to increase the level of support you are providing to your young readers in grades K-2.  Judy will provide you with research-based strategies, methods and activities to help you better meet the wide range of needs in your small reading groups.  You will gain new insights as you see and hear demonstrations that model the powerful methods presented.  You will view many classroom video segments that illustrate the process of incorporating differentiated instruction within your guided reading groups.

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Reading Informational Text and Meeting Common Core State Standards K-2

Includes video

Judy will show you how to use the best in research based comprehension, Reciprocal Teaching, with Non-fiction in your whole group and small group K-2 reading instruction.  Let’s get practical to link Common Core and differentiated guided reading so all your emergent through fluent readers experience appropriate levels of support and challenge with informational texts.

Want to save time?  Judy will also show you how to connect Common Core Standards in Writing informative/explanatory texts to the Reading Standards to maximize time in your schedule.  While you are doing all those wonderful small group lessons, what is the rest of your class doing.  Judy will show you how to use independent literacy centers to strengthen reading skills with informational texts.

Want to cover even more in your small group reading lessons?  Let’s teach vocabulary critical to non-fiction with a researched robust format. You will see model lessons, classroom video segments and an extensive resource handbook packed with dozens of practical ideas, strategies and activities that will support you in your efforts to meet Common Core State Standards in reading informational texts in your K-2 classroom.

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